Leg Curl - Plate Loaded Professional

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The Verti series represents the modern trends in the world of free weight exercisers. Nowadays, the following type of equipment is as popular as the weight plate machines. Moreover, it has such advantages as silent performance, a wide range of the exercises and the isolated work on the desired muscle group. The design of the series is another feature that deserves a special attention. The sleek design with darker or brighter colour of the movable parts in comparison with the frame of the equipment.

The Verti leg curl exercise machine is designed to train such muscles as biceps of the thigh. Glutes and the muscles of the lower back get the secondary load. This way, it is possible to build beautiful slim legs and getting rid off extra weight in the thigh area.

The upholstery of the equipment is made of high-quality PU leather. The filler is double layer foam, which is resistant to shrinkage and deformation.

length: 1264 mm
Width: 1782 mm
Height: 1297 mm
Max Loading: 2x75 kg