Abductor Machine

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The exercise machine allows you to create a beautiful shape of your hips, to work on problem areas and to remove excess fat. Work on the simulator improves the shape of legs.

The Thigh Abductor Muscles Exercise Machine is widely used in gyms, especially is popular with women as it helps to remove fat in problem areas. In addition, the exerciser is used in rehabilitation centers, sports medicine programs.


The entire load is focused on the abductor muscles of the thigh. Gluteal muscles are also affected.

  • Upholstery: high quality PU leather.
  • Filler: double layer foam, shrink resistant, resistant to deformation.
  • Painting: powder enamel (electrostatic spraying).
Length: 1475 mm
Width: 805 mm
Height: 1555mm
Max Loading: 100 kg