Set Pair of Adjustable Dumbbells (2x 20kg =40kg)

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Adjustable dumbbells 2x20 kg

The weight plates made of high-quality cast iron, carefully finished, making them suitable for both commercial and home gyms. The surface is protected with a special paint.

The barbells are galvanized, which adds additional visual advantages.

The diameter of the weight plates is 28,5 mm and the diameter of the barbell is 28 mm.


What you get: 

  • 2x galvanized cast iron barbells (5kg) - (40cm, diameter 28mm)
  • 4x weight plate 1,25 kg (5kg)
  • 4x weight plate 2,5 kg  (10kg)
  • 4x spring collars


  • Modern design,
  • Tri-Grip Design for safe and easy handling,
  • Perfect for muscle and balance development,
  • Safe, durable and easy to use,
  • Galvanized barbells,

A set of spring clamps in each set

Our bars are equipped with high-quality spring clamps. This ensures safety, preventing the loads from unscrewing from the bar during the exercises.

There are 4 clamps in each set.

Search for "Tri-Grip" to find additional weights to suit this product


Our clamps are characterized by a very high clamping force, which guarantees that the loads on the bar are well protected.

Use sufficient force to release them.