Angled Leg Press 45

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Muscles: quadriceps, adductor muscles of the thigh.

The sports equipment is designed to develop leg muscles.

The exercise machine is essential for physical training of athletes engaged in different kinds of sport. It is very effective for training the quadriceps, building strong and beautiful legs.

The structure of the exercise machine ensures maximum load on the quadriceps and allows to work precisely on the lower part of the body.

The option of seat and support platform adjustment and makes it possible to customize the exerciser according to user’s height and preferences.

  • The exercise machine has a platform stopper which ensures safe performance.
  • Also, the exerciser has studs for discs.
  • The exercise machine works on a system of combined levers - "Bi Lateral".
  • The shipping of the equipment is possible assembled as well as disassembled.
Length: 2316 mm
Width: 1216 mm
Height: 1490 mm
Max Loading: 400 kg