Cable Crossover

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This cable cross over Improve your overall appearance, strength, and athletic performance .

Two sets 50KGS commercial grade steel stack. With over 20 total body strength, shape, and conditioning exercises included, you can custom build training workouts to target specific muscle areas. Includes cable lat raise, upright cable row, tricep push down, cable crunch, seated cable row, cable woodchop, lat pull down, cable pull through, cable crossover, over head cable extension, cable kickback, cable curl


  • Max user body weight:180kgs
  • Ultra smooth 2000 lbs tensile strength aircraft cables
  • Exercise wall chart to guide you through your workout
  • G.W:/N.W:251KGS/234KGS
  • Load Q’ty:50sets/20GP   140sets/40GP
  • Assembly Size :1050 x 18800 x 2230 mm
  • Two year manufacturer warranty
  • Model Number: JX-3100



  • 40*80*2.0mm heavy duty construction tube
  • Two sets 50KGS commercial grade steel stack
  • Spring shocking system