Children's set / Punching bag + Boxing gloves + Headbands + Assembly

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Junior80 complete boxing set for children
A complete training set for children and adolescents aged 5 to 14, made with resistant and safe materials.

boxing set for children

The kit includes:

1. Packaged with a weight of about 15 kg, a punching bag of 80x30cm.

2. Complete assembly kit

3. 6 oz boxing gloves

Four. Boxing wraps

Beneficial effects of training a child with a punching bag:

Improve the condition
Better motor coordination
Strengthen the shoulder muscles and postural muscles.
Excess energy discharge
Suspend faith in your abilities
Great fun

1. Professional punching bag

Made in Poland with health-safe materials, a punching bag measuring 80cm high and 30cm in diameter and weighing approximately 15kg is an excellent choice for children and teenagers aged 5 to 14.

Thanks to its large size and weight, the bag is perfect for both amateur training and the beginning of professional martial arts training.

The bag is made of the same material and filled with the same padding that we have been using for years in the line of professional bags used by professional players in many sports clubs across Europe. By choosing this offer, you invest in professional equipment suited to the needs of young athletes.

the gloves have been designed and manufactured according to European safety standards: PN-EN 13277-1: 2002 and PN-EN 13277-7: 2010

Compliance with standards guarantees both the safe construction of the gloves and the use of materials that are safe for health. By choosing this model of gloves, you can rest assured that your child is training with health-safe equipment.

children's boxing gloves

punching bag for children

3. Cotton boxing wraps

A set of 2 cotton boxing bands, 2m long, will provide additional protection for your hands and will help keep your gloves clean, protecting them from sweat.

  short boxing wraps for children

  Four. A complete assembly kit to hang the bag.

The mounting kit includes:

  - fixing dimensions 100 x 70 mm

  - blade thickness: 2 mm

  - 6 mm carabiner

Free of charge: mounting pins (please note that mounting pins must match the type and quality of the mounting surface)

harness for punching bag

punching bag for children

Technical parameters of Junior80p punching bag:

- Made in Poland with health-safe materials
- material: reinforced skewer
- dimensions: 80 x 30 cm
- weight: about 15
- color: black and red
- warranty: 24 months

Technical parameters of boxing gloves:

Material: ethical satin leather
Weight: 4 oz or 6 oz (selectable in the menu)
Purpose: boxing training, team training.
CE safety certificate