Chrome Dumbbell Rack with dumbbell set (0,5-10kg)

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Dumbbells is an excellent start to to build muscles. Different weight of dumbbells helps to choose the ones in accordance with the physical shape of an athlete. With the help of dumbbells you can make whole training complexes. They are multifunctional.

Loads must go consistently in the order of physiological increase. Dumbbells is very effective and simple sports gear that helps to make the training effective. Dumbbells allow you to quickly achieve your goals.

Chromed dumbbells are great for aerobics, fitness and other physical training and strength training. The athletic equipment is great for running and tonic exercises.

Exercises with dumbbells are aimed at the harmonious development of all the muscles of a person, strengthening joints, normalizing weight and overall health. Training with dumbbells helps to improve the tone of the muscles of the hands, chest and shoulder. Dumbbells are made of chrome-plated metal. Dumbbells are comfortable and feel right in hands.


The weights included are:

  • 2x 0.5Kg
  • 2x 1Kg
  • 2x 2Kg
  • 2x 3Kg
  • 2x 4Kg
  • 2x 5Kg
  • 2x 6Kg
  • 2x 7Kg
  • 2x 8Kg
  • 2x 9Kg
  • 2x 10Kg

length: 605 mm
Width:  400 mm
Height: 1157 mm
Max Loading: 120 kg