Chrome Dumbbell Rack with dumbbell set (0,5-10kg)

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The exercises with dumbbells is a perfect start to build muscles. The equipment has an option for every athlete to choose the dumbbells according to his physical abilities, preferences or goals. It offers dumbbells of different weight starting from 0.5 kg. It is possible to make entire training complexes with the dumbbells. They are multi-functional. Dumbbells are great for training at home as well as in gyms.

The weight must be sequential. Dumbbells are crucial to make working out more effective. Thus it allows you to achieve goals quickly.

Chromed dumbbells are perfect for aerobics, fitness and other physical-strength training. The equipment is great for jogging and toning exercises.

Exercises with the product is aimed at the harmonic development of all human muscles, strengthening joints, normalization of weight and health in general. A workout with dumbbells helps to improve muscle tone in the arms, chest and shoulder. Dumbbells made of chromed metal. The dumbbells are easy to hold in hands.

With the equipment you can do the following exercises: flies, squats, push-ups, arm bending. lifting on a biceps, bench press for the bench press, overhead press and shoulder press.


length: 670 mm
Width: 472 mm
Height: 1276 mm
Max Loading: 120 kg