CHROMED DUMBBELLS (Pairs/ 20 Pcs) with Rack 1 KG - 10 KG

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  • Steel Chrome Dumbbells set from 1kg up to 10kg
  • Vertical rack included
  • Comfortable contoured grip handle with solid steel heads
  • Ultra-resistant to chipping, cracking or peeling
  • Great for commercial gyms, or personal training studios
  • Weight sizes are engraved on each dumbbell head.

Chrome-coated Dumbbell Rack holds up to 10 pairs of dumbbells. It has a durable and stable construction which ensures safety and comfort in the free weight
zone and expands the work-out area.

Our Chrome-coated Dumbbells are among the most important pieces of equipment in your gym and in your free weight area. The finish of our Chrome-coated Dumbbells  prevents chipping and gives them a great aesthetic look. The ergonomic design and  the knurled grip ensure comfort while you have your workout. The handles provide a  on-slip grip. You can use these dumbbells in weight training in the free weight area.

CHROMED DUMBBELLS                                                                                                                         1 KG - 10 KG                                                                                                                (INCREMENT 1 KG)  Total 20 pcs

The weights included are:

  • 2x 1Kg
  • 2x 2Kg
  • 2x 3Kg
  • 2x 4Kg
  • 2x 5Kg
  • 2x 6Kg
  • 2x 7Kg
  • 2x 8Kg
  • 2x 9Kg
  • 2x 10Kg