Cross Over Cable Machine

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Cross Over Cable Machine is the multifunctional equipment that helps you to train and form the definition of the basic muscle groups of the body. An excellent choice for a professional gym, will diversify the training program for users.

The exerciser is equipped with lower and upper rows, a crossbar for pull-ups, handles. Such a functional set of sports gear allows you to perform a large number of exercises aimed at different muscle groups.

Targeted muscles

The following muscle groups can be developed: biceps, triceps, deltoid muscles, pectoral muscles, back muscles and abs, leg muscles such as the abduction, hamstrings, biceps, gluteus muscles .

Possible Exercises

The upper row blocks allow you to perform the following exercises: crossover, flyes, stretching your arms, lat pull down, twisting.

The lower blocks allow the legs to be led back, to the side, cross-legging etc.

When performing all the above exercises, you can use handles and various accessories to complicate exercises, to diversify them.

length: 3220 mm
Width: 915 mm
Height:2320  mm
Max Loading: 2*100  kg