Cross Over Cable Machine (single)

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The exercise machine helps to work on the major muscle groups of the body. This is multifunctional equipment that allows you to shape a developed body, fit, athletic. It is widely used in sports clubs and gyms, thus working with cross over cable machine is an essential equipment for many professional athletes.

The exercise machine is equipped with upper and lower pulling blocks, a pull-up bar, handles. This functionality allows you to perform a large number of exercises that target different muscle groups.


Using the blocks, the cross over cable machine allows you to work on the following muscle groups: biceps, triceps, deltoids, pectoral muscles, abs and back muscles, leg muscles such as abductor, adductor femoris, biceps femoris, glutes.

The exercises

The Upper lat pulldown blocks allow you to perform the following exercises: a crossover, flyes, arm stretching, lat pulldown, crunches.

Lower pulley row units allow you to perform leg lifts, bent over row, pulley row, flyes etc.

Length: 740 mm
Height: 2220 mm
Width: 1295 mm
Max Loading: 105 kg