Deltoid Machine

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The is an ideal solution if you want to work precisely on deltoid muscles, in particular middle deltas beam. This way you will gain a result of perfect athletic shape of the shoulders and the muscles will be more defined. Moreover, the exercises on the Delta Exercise Machine provides an increase in strength and functional parameters of the upper pectoral girdle.

The equipment plays a vital role in a professional training of athletes engaged in different sports.

The exercise machine is equipped with an adjustable seat that allows each user to select the optimal position, regardless of his anthropometric parameters.


The delts are isolated during the activities on the exerciser, this way it get the most load, effectively reaching the target muscle.

Design features

The structure is made in a minimalist style. The design creates an illusion of major space.

Length: 1060 mm
Height: 1650 mm
Width: 710 mm
Max Loading: 105 kg