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The exercise machine is a multifunction sports equipment which offers ultimate opportunities for training of all major muscle groups.

The equipment is essential for physical training of athletes engaged in different kinds of sport and is very effective in the developing of a strong and beautiful body.

The structure consists of two independent stations - two independent levers.

Using the handles and equipment of different configurations it is possible to perform a large number of exercises.

The levers are adjustable vertically as well as horizontally.

Levers are designed to perform the following exercises: a crossover, flyes, lat pulldown, abs crunches, back/side leg abduction, pulley row, bent-over row, row to the chin, triceps arm bending etc.


  • lats
  • traps,erectors
  • biceps,
  • triceps,
  • delta
  • chest muscles
  • abs
  • abductor and adductor thigh muscles
  • biceps muscle of thigh
  • glutes.
length: 1612
Width: 830
Height:  2320
Weight: 2*85