Gluteal Machine (Radial)

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The equipment is aimed at developing and building glutes. Performing the exercises on the structure, you can correct the shape of your body by reducing fat deposits from the buttocks area, defining the gluteal muscles. The exerciser is very popular with female visitors of gyms and sports clubs, as it allows to effectively work on the problem areas to develop the legs in a The equipment is also popular with athletes of different disciplines, as it helps to shape the body, improving functional performance of the muscles.

The supporting pad is adjustable, it can be adapted to the anthropometric parameters of any user. Also, the rotation angle of the power lever is adjustable.


The emphasis is on the glutes – large, medium and small. Also, the back muscle group of thigh is affected.

The exercises

The exercise machine offers leg curl and extension exercises.

Length: 1085 mm
Height: 1650 mm
Width: 979 mm
Max Loading: 105 kg