Gluteal Trainer

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Glutes Trainer is the most effective exercise for training the gluteal muscles. Performing this exercise on the Glute Bridge V226 allows you increasing the load on the muscles and working out them more efficiently:

  • helps to distribute the correct and even load on the lumbar region
  • allows you improving results in such exercises as deadlift and squats
  • increases strength of muscles, which are necessary for dynamic cardio training such as jumping and running
  • reduces back pain - insufficiently trained glutes can cause back pain, as the load goes to the lower spine and pain occurs.
  • regular exercise of this machine will awaken the gluteal muscles and pelvic area.

The Gluteal Trainer uses the following types of muscles: main muscles - gluteal muscles secondary muscles - posterior and anterior thighs, spinal extensors, calf muscles

length: 2100 mm
Width: 1390  mm
Height: 795 mm
Max Loading: 250 kg