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Safety above all! RDX’s state-of-the-art, Mark Pro safety groin guard caters to all of your protective needs in training. This is a high-quality groin guard for taekwondo, muay thai, jui jitsu, boxing and mma training. Crafted from sturdy and resilient Super Skin leather and latest Tri-Lira technology, our athletic groin protector ensures your kidney, groin and stomach area are fully protected. Engineered for superior protection with a combination of EVA-LUTIONTM Sheet is slabbed together with Spongy Blacktop Fabric this adult groin guard offers a wall of shock-absorbency to keep you safe from forceful-impact. An integrated hard-plastic groin cup with Sponge X PADDING and Satin lamination dramatically reduces the shock-impact from any stray shots to groin to prevent pain and risk of injury. Smooth surface with spongy blacktop fabric adds durability helps breakdown the impact from hard hits. Microfiber material and adjustable straps ensure a comfy fit during long wears and keep you agile without hindering movement.

  • Super Skin combat leather exterior with and Spongy Blacktop Fabric is comfortable with an unmatched level of durability – a highly desirable in all fight wear
  • Microfiber construction is built for long trainings, providing resilience and comfort at all times
  • Shatter-proof, high quality plastic cup with Sponge X PADDING and Satin lamination offers the most efficient shock-absorption to protect the groin area from low shots
  • Ergonomically designed for mobility and best fit, with Quick-EZ hook-and-loop straps providing easy adjustment according to comfort
  • Tri-Lira technology with EVA-LUTIONTM SHEET provides a non-stiff fighting experience and an unbreakable shield of defence against impact, allowing you to keep your head in the game