Horizontal Bench (With Safety Bars)

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Horizontal Press Bench is a useful sports equipment that is designed to perform bench press with barbell/dumbbells exercises. This structure is extremely useful for physical training of athletes engaged in different sports. The exerciser promotes the maximum development of the chest muscles, forms a beautiful and strong torso. The sports equipment is perfect for training at home or in gyms. Safety hooks prevent serious injury during workout. Horizontal support for barbells are situated at a comfortable height, thus adding extra safety. There are 3 available positions for a barbell on a rack. In case of a fall of the barbell an athlete will be protected with special safety hooks.

Performing exercises on the equipment, the development of ripped and defined torso is extremely effective. Shock-absorbing bearings that do not require mounting to the floor are prevent slip. The sports equipment has heavy stainless steel design. The seat of the exerciser is made of laminated sturdy plywood. It Is filled with dual-layer foam. Moreover, the material is resilient, whereby it is stable and resistant to deformation. Due to high-quality materials and robust design the equipment can be used more than 12 hours a day.

The pectoral muscles and triceps are affected the most during exercises.

Length: 1332 mm
Height: 1187 mm
Width: 1238 mm
Max Loading: 300 kg