Hyperextension Angled

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Angle Hyperextension Exercise Machine belongs to the professional equipment and is widely used in fitness clubs and gyms. The exerciser can be used at home as well, since it has a compact size. Sports equipment provides the ability to thoroughly work the muscles of the back including the lower part of the back.

The sports equipment features durable stainless steel structure. It is equipped with two supporting pads, which help the body to be in the right position during training and ensure safety.

The exercise machine is equipped with shock-absorbing bearings that do not require mounting to the floor. Plywood is used for the manufacture of a seat. Is filled with dual-layer foam, which is not exposed to deformation as well as shrinkage resistant. The exerciser features high-quality upholstery in faux leather. The sports equipment covered with powder enamel, which has electrostatic spraying.

Length: 1180 mm
Height: 750 mm
Width: 700 mm
Max Loading: 200 kg