Incline Bench Press

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The Verti series of free weight exercisers stands out from the ordinary equipment. Not only it does look stylish, modern and trendy but also the functionality of the products is beyond perfection. One of the main features of the line is a big seat and backrest (soft parts) which make the workout more comfortable. What is more, it makes the look of the equipment even better. Also, there is a convenient adjustment of the seat, which makes it easy to set the exercises to the height of an athlete.

The incline weight bench upwards will be your way to strong and beautiful hands as well as defined and big pectoral muscles. What is more, you shouldn't worry about safety since the structure is durable and stable.

Features of the incline weight bench upwards:

  • a multilayer plywood.
  • reinforced steel structure.
  • shock absorbers eliminate slippery.
  • all parts are of high quality and durable.

length: 2152 mm
Width:1590  mm
Height: 1562 mm
Max Loading: 300 kg