Incline Press

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The equipment is aimed at building beautiful athletic torso. It imitates a incline bench press, thus giving the opportunity to train individually, without a partner. Moreover, ensures maximum safety for beginner athletes. The exerciser has a fixed locus , which minimizes the risk of injury.

An easy start option, adjustable seat position and backrest of the simulator allows to adapt the equipment according to parameters and preferences of any athlete. Therefore, guarantee the proper performance of the exercise.


Performing exercises the pectoral muscles are affected, especially its upper section. Secondary load falls on deltoid muscles and the triceps of the shoulder.

The exercises

The equipment give assets to perform following exercises –incline bench press .

Design features

The structure is made in a minimalist style. The design creates an illusion of major space.

Length: 1615
Weight: 1400
Height: 1524
Max Loading, KG: 100