Kelton HEAVY Rack HS7

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Feel that during your training you have exhausted every fiber of the muscles you have been working on.

Kelton HEAVY Rack HS7 is a powerful, machine-gym. Created for hardcore training for those bodybuilders who are constantly looking for new ways to develop and exercise MEGA sculpting. Are you one of them? Then take advantage of the possibilities offered by the unlimited training on the HS7 Rack. Check it out today.

A public gym is not enough. A real bodybuilder has his own in his home. However, there would be some use of an assistant that would provide backup, which is usually missing in your own practice room. Fortunately, there is a solution.

It is our HS7 training cage. The fall protection system is threefold: it consists of two hooks, two rods and two special beams. All this gives a 100% guarantee that you will safely put down the barbell when you feel that the muscles are no longer able to cope or you finish the exercise on a planned basis.

This cage provides extremely precise height adjustment: it has as many as 36 levels of adjustment. No other equipment offers so many possibilities - here you can plan with an accuracy of 5 centimeters.

Let's add a bar with four handles on which you can pull up at will. You will effectively warm up before the actual training. Once you start practicing, you will focus entirely on the technique and do your best because you will not be bothered by uncertainty.

Check out our offer and create a professional place to exercise!