Lat Pull down Machine

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The Verti lat pull down machine is an exceptional piece of equipment. It will help you to get fit and in shape. Users have the opportunity to focus on particular muscle groups. The workout aim can be both to gain muscle mass and to strengthen the upper body. The exerciser is adjustable, that is why a user of any height can have a comfortable workout.

The Verti series implies a number of exercisers with an excellent functionality, outstanding design and reliable structure. All the products have anti-slippery foot platforms which increase comfort during training and make it even safer. The mechanical parts of the equipment are relatively simple, thuswise it provides stability and durability of the item. An attractive look of the line also plays an important role, giving an athlete a pleasure to work out on it.

The exerciser eliminates the erector muscles and carefully isolates the lats, which gives a precise distribution of load exactly where you need it.

length: 1737 mm
Width: 1441 mm
Height: 2207 mm
Max Loading: 2x125 kg