Lat-Row Machine

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The exerciser is intended for the creation of a sports, athletic body, helps to develop the muscles of the back. Thanks to the exercises on the equipment for back muscles, the muscles become defined, clear, the width of the back is increased, muscle mass and strength are increased as well.

It is used by athletes of different sports disciplines to form a harmonious sports body.

The back muscles exercise machine combines functions of two exercisers - a unit for the pulley row and a lat pull down. This is a great solution for a gym, since it allows you to get twice as much functionality as possible with significant space savings.

Targeted muscles

Lat pull down includes in work the following muscle groups:lats, deltoid muscles, trapezoid muscles - the main load, biceps, muscles of the forearm and other muscles of the hands - secondary load.

The equipment allows you to vary the options for performing the basic exercises, and therefore the change in the width of the grip. The position of the palms on the crossbar allows to include other muscular groups, for instance, to activate the chest muscles.

Performing exercises on the pulley row, includes such muscles to work: lats, trapezoidal, rhomboid and large round muscles of the back. In this way, in one way or another, biceps, triceps, deltoid and pectoral muscles are involved in the process

Length: 2140
Weight: 680
Height: 2258
Max Loading, KG: 100