Lat-Row Machine

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The sports equipment is designed to build fit, athletic, body, helps to develop muscles of the back. Performing exercises on the exerciser the definition of the back is more visible, the width of the back is increased and the muscles are strengthened.

The exercise machine is used by athletes of different sport disciplines to shape the body.

The structure combines the functions of two equipment – the unit for the pulley row and lat pull down. Thus the equipment is a perfect solution for any gym, because it offers twice as much functionality while saving space. This is a great solution for sports and gym because it allows you to get twice as much functionality while saving space.

Activity on the lat pull down block affects following muscle groups: lats, deltoids, trapezoids – the primary load; biceps, forearm muscles and other muscles of the hands – secondary load.

The equipment allows to vary the performance of the basic exercise, therefore change the width of the grip. The position of the hands on the bar allows you to use other muscle groups, for example, work on the chest muscles.

Performing exercises on the pulley row unit include working on the following muscles: latis, trapezoids, rhomboids, erector muscles and big teres muscle of the back. Thus in one way or another the process involves the biceps, triceps, deltoids and pectoral muscles.

Length: 2095 mm
Height: 2300 mm
Width: 710 mm
Max Loading: 105 kg