Leg Curl/Extesion Combo

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Leg Curl/Extension Combo is intended for working out muscles of thigh. When training in a sitting position, the main load is concentrated on the quadriceps. When training in a prone position, the main load is concentrated on the biceps of the thigh. The optional load also affects the following muscles of the body: thigh, back muscles (lower part).

An adjustable back and seat of the structure allows transforming the equipment, making it universal for a proper workout of all the thigh areas. As well as the seat, which can always be adapted to the individual parameters of the user, the roller can also be fitted to different leg lengths. In addition, the angle of rotation of the power arm is also adjustable, which will optimize the parameters of the load and conduct a comfortable and productive workout.

With the help of this exercise machine, you will get a beautiful athletic shape of the legs, increase muscle weight, make a definition and get rid of extra weight.

  • The structure is made in High Tech style.
  • The metal elements of the structure are coated with powder paint. The frame is available in 14 different colors.
  • The seat and the upholstery are made of high quality eco-leather. The model is available in 16 different colors.
  • Combination of 2 selected colors are possible.
  • A wide choice of colors allows you to obtain the look of the exercise machine according to your preferences. Moreover, this way you can emphasize the corporate colors of your company and make the equipment appropriate to any style of the gym.
  • For security purposes, plastic caps cover all sharp edges and elements of the equipment.