Leg Press/Hack Squat

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Muscles: quadriceps, adductor muscles of the thigh.

The sports equipment is designed for training and development of the quadriceps as well as adductor muscles of the thigh.

The main feature of the equipment is the combination of two exercisers: a leg press and a hack squat exercise machines.

The profile of the supporting structure is 60х60х3 (mm).

The equipment has a number of adjustable elements which facilitate the workout. The supporting platform (for working on a calf) and the seat back allow precise adjustment of the exerciser according to the height of an athlete. Thus, it provides the most comfortable performance.

Safety is provided by the option of a platform fixed stop.

The equipment is supplied with a manual, two disk storages and shock-absorbing bearings which do not require mounting to the floor.

  • Upholstery: high quality PU leather.
  • Filler: double layer foam, shrink resistant, resistant to deformation.
  • Painting: powder enamel (electrostatic spraying).
length: 2195
Width: 1000
Height: 1450
Weight: 400kg