Low Row

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The exercise machine is used by athletes to work out the muscular definition of the back. This exercise refers to the basics, allows you to build muscle mass, increase the width of the back muscles.

Targeted muscles

Performing exercises on the equipment, following muscles are aimed at: lats, trapezoid, rhomboid, erector and large round muscles of the back. In this case, in one way or another, biceps, triceps, deltoid and pectoral muscles are involved in the process.

Possible Exercises

The basic exercise performed on this exercise machine is as follows: it is necessary to take such initial position of the body - the legs on the footrest, the back is straight, with a backward deflection, the arms are stretched out, resting on the handles of the exerciser. On exhalation, the shoulder blades should be brought together and start moving back with hands. The body must not bend back. Returning to the starting position, you should not let go the weight, you need to maintain tension in the muscles of the back.

When working with the exerciser, different handles are used - a straight crossbar, handles with parallel grip. Changing the crossbeams, as well as the position of the hands during training, you stress the load on a certain muscle group.

Length: 1650    

Height: 1015    

Width: 1900    

Max Loading, KG100