Multi Station 4 Positions (Lat pull down, low row)

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4-positions Cross Over Cable Station – is a sports equipment which due to its multifunctionality offers a wide range of exercises to perform on it.

The structure is suitable for professional athletes. It is very effective in the developing of a fit and beautiful body. The machine consists of four independent stations: the lat pulldown block, pulley row block, triceps station and a cross over cable frame four rows, two upper and two lower.

The frame of the supporting structure is 60х60х3 (mm). The equipment is coated with powder paint. The seat is made of plywood (20 mm) The filler is a dual-layer foam, shrink resistant. The uphostery is made of high-quality synthetic leather.

The motion amplitude control and position regulator make it possible for a person of any height to use the equipment.

Length: 2720 mm
Height: 2230 mm
Width: 2270 mm
Max Loading: 4*105kg