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Introducing our premium Olympic Chrome Bar - where strength, precision, and durability converge to redefine your fitness experience. This bar is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch quality for both beginners and seasoned lifters alike.

This bar is available in a range of variants, each tailored to meet specific strength requirements:

For those seeking a compact powerhouse, the 50mm Olympic Chrome Bar at 1200mm length is the ideal choice. With a load capacity of 150kg and weighing just 9kg, it's perfect for dynamic workouts that demand efficiency without sacrificing strength.

Step up your game with the 1520mm variant, accommodating a load of 180kg. This 11kg bar strikes the perfect balance between versatility and durability, making it a versatile companion for various lifting styles.

The 1820mm Olympic Chrome Bar is engineered for power. With a load capacity of 200kg and weighing 13.5kg, it provides the stability and strength required for serious lifters aiming to push their limits.

For professional-grade strength, the 2200mm variant with a load capacity of 130kg is a solid choice. Weighing 18kg, it's the go-to bar for those who demand a robust foundation for their training sessions.

For the elite athlete, our 2200mm Olympic Chrome Bar with a load capacity of 270kg is designed to endure and perform under the most challenging conditions. Weighing 20kg, it's a testament to uncompromising endurance and strength.

Reach monumental milestones with the 2200mm Olympic Chrome Bar boasting an incredible load capacity of 450kg/1000lbs. Weighing 20kg, this bar is engineered to withstand the most intense workouts, making it the perfect choice for those chasing their fitness peaks.

For the ultimate in strength training, the 2200mm Olympic Chrome Bar with a jaw-dropping load capacity of 680kg/1500lbs is the pinnacle of performance. Weighing 20kg, it provides the foundation for your most challenging lifts, pushing your boundaries like never before.

Invest in the Apex Olympic Chrome Bar series and elevate your training to new heights. Strength, precision, and performance - experience it all with Apex. Choose excellence. Choose Apex.

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