Power Rack

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DIMENSION(L*W*H) 207*171*255CM
N. W.: 326KG
G. W.: 400KG

The benefits of a Power Rack which fit perfectly in any gym setting

  • No Need for a Spotter. If you train alone, it’s imperative that you do so safely. A power rack provides just the kind of safeguards that you need to when moving heavy weight without a spotter. Sure, you could use a regular squat rack (i.e. half rack), but these generally don’t have adjustable safety catches. This prevents you not only from doing deeper or shallower squats, but from doing any other exercises in it, altogether.
  • Peace of Mind → Greater Confidence. The best part of power rack training is not simply that you are safer, but rather the peace of mind that comes from that. That is, you can add that extra five pounds to the bar or attempt to push through one more repetition, because it’s guaranteed that you won’t end up pinned under the barbell!
  • Target a Precise Range of Motion. Since you can adjust the safety catches to any height, power racks give you the ability to precisely train any part of the full range of motion on a given exercise
  • Plenty of Great Exercises. While you can’t do every single exercise known to man with a power rack, you can certainly do the most important ones (i.e. heavy barbell movements). The power rack also have varied handles for pullups, hooks to add bands and 6 storage pins.