Rear Deltoid/Pectoral Fly

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The equipment is designed to develop the rotator cuff. It helps you to work on the scapular waist and create beautiful, athletic body shape by defining muscles, increasing their mass and functional characteristics.

The exercise machine is widely used in gyms, sports clubs, fitness centres etc. Is an efficient part of the athletes training routine.

The equipment is multifunctional as it combines two complexes for different muscle groups

– back deltas and chest muscles. This allows simultaneously work on the shoulders’ definition, forming a perfect body shape.

The exerciser can be adjusted according to user’s settings – fully adjustable seat and backrest gives you the opportunity to exercise as comfortable as possible. Handles are rotatable, providing the motion as close as possible to the anatomical. In addition, this is an important feature, since the exercise machine is transpositional.

Possible Exercises

On the equipment, such exercises are possible - flyes and the spreading arms backwards.

The technique of flyes exercise: sitting, the back rests on the back of the seat, hands on the arms of the exerciser. Perform flyes, then return to the starting position.

While working on the exerciser, do not suddenly release the handles after flyes / rise, you should keep the tension in the muscles.

Length: 1175
Weight: 1355
Height: 1816
Max Loading, KG: 100