Reverse Hyperextension

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The main difference between the reverse hyperextension and the original one is that workout on the reverse hyperextension the load is on the legs, not on the upper body. Thus, the glute and thigh muscles work more intensively and the muscles of the back get secondary load. In fact, the reverse hyperextension is working on the same muscles as the classical one, but by shifting the stress accent this option of the equipment is safer. The traditional way involves focusing on long back muscles and knee joints, which means that the possibility of getting injured while working with big weight. The technique of performing reverse extensions, on the contrary, allows professional athletes to use big weights. Reverse hyperextension is recommended for athletes of different levels of training for muscle warming up before performing more heavy training, and for beginner athletes for warm-up before pulling exercises.

length: 960 mm
Width:  690 mm
Height: 990  mm