Reverse hyperextension

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 Reverse Hyperextension differs from the classical one in the process of training not by the body, but by the legs. Consequently, the muscles of the buttocks and hips work more intensively, while the lumbar muscles only assist. In fact, the inverse hyperextension works out the same muscles as the classical one, but due to a shift in the emphasis of the load, this option can be called safer.

The traditional method involves focusing on long back muscles and knee joints, which means that the chance of getting injured while working with a large weight is very high. The reverse extension technique, on the contrary, allows professional athletes to use fantastic weights.

Reverse hyperextension is recommended for athletes of various levels of training to warm up the muscles before performing more difficult training, as well as for beginner athletes to warm up before traction exercises.

length: 1444 mm
Width: 1525  mm
Height: 1273  mm
Max Loading:125  kg