Rowing Traction

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Muscles: lats.

Secondary load: biceps, trapezoids, back deltas, flectors of a shoulder and forearm.

Leverage row is aimed to train the muscles of the back.

The sports equipment is essential for the physical training of athletes engaged in different sports. It is very effective for increasing the width of the back muscles and shaping a beautiful and fit body.

The structure of the exerciser allows to exclude the erectors, and work precisely on the lats. Also, the machine is equipped with a height adjustable seat and adjustable chest supporting platform, thus the user can customise the equipment according to his height.

An easy start option reduces the risk of a muscle injury and facilitates training for beginners in sport.

  • Upholstery: high quality PU leather.
  • Filler: double layer foam, shrink resistant, resistant to deformation.
  • Painting: powder enamel (electrostatic spraying).
length: 1490
Width: 795
Height: 1080
Weight: 2*125kg