Seated Calf - Plate Loaded

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Muscles: calf muscles.

The exercise machine is a perfect solution for physical training of athletes professionally doing any sport. The equipment is effective for training of calves and shaping of strong beautiful legs. The structure allows you to put to work your gastrocnemius and soleus muscles.

The profile of the supporting structure is 60х60х3 (mm). The simulator is coated with powder paint.

The seat is made of plywood (20 mm) as a filler the dual-layer foam is used, resistant to shrinkage and high quality synthetic leather is used as an upholstery.

Hidden bearings and shock absorbing system provide a smooth performance and noise reduction.

The trainer is supplied with a maintenance reminder, four storages for discs, shock-absorbing bearings that do not require mounting to the floor.

  • Upholstery: high quality PU leather.
  • Filler: double layer foam, shrink resistant, resistant to deformation.
  • Painting: powder enamel (electrostatic spraying).
Length: 1215 mm
Height: 1020 mm
Width: 550 mm
Max Loading: 200 kg