Seated Calf Machine - Plate Loaded

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The exercise machine is designed for developing the calves. The workout on the equipment improves the shape of the back part of calves, make the relief more defined, athletic. Thus, strong and athletic legs are formed.

The use of the exerciser is approved by the training programs of many sports disciplines. Muscle endurance and strength are improving, what can be an advantage in various sports directions.

The calf exercise machine is equipped with support cushions that are adjustable in height and adapt to any height of the shin.An easy start option allows to secure the user against traumas during exercises, makes it easy to start work on the equipment. This is important for those athletes whose training level is not yet high enough.

Loaded muscles

The calf-machine aimes at the soleus muscles of the calves. The secondary load extends to the gastrocnemius muscle.

Possible Exercises

The exerciser is designed to perform leg raises on the tiptoes. The technique for doing the exercise is as follows: sitting, legs rest on support pads, support roll is fixed on top, hands are on holders. Move the leg to the toe, lifting the support roller, resting on the bases of the metatarsal bones, not on the fingers themselves. Lifting should be done slowly, without harsh movements, lowering and lifting the weight smoothly.

Length: 935
Weight: 1250
Height: 1524
Max Loading, KG: 100