Seated Calf Machine

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The sports equipment is aimed at developing muscles of calves. Exercises on the structure will shape of the back of calves, making it more beautiful defined and fit. Thus you will get strong and sporty legs.

The usage of the equipment is in accordance with training programs of athletes engaged in different kinds of sport. The exercises increase endurance and strength of the muscles, making it an advantage in most sport competitions.

The exercise machine is equipped with supporting pads which are adjustable, thus can be adapted to any height of a calf. An easy start option ensures the safety during the exercises, makes the beginning of the activity easier. That is essential for those who doesn't have a lot of experience in training and only starts his path in sport.

Design features

The equipment is made in a minimalist style. The structure would suit any gym or another sports area perfectly creating the feeling of a big room.

Length: 1535 mm
Height: 1650 mm
Width: 880 mm
Max Loading: 85 kg