Shoulder press

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The Verti series of exercisers makes a statement with its sleek and modern design. The products look fashionable and sophisticated, thuswise will fit in any modern gym or fitness club. Designers of Inter Atletika paid attention to every detail of the exercisers. That is why, the line is unique and stands out among other products on the market.

Such equipment essentially should have excellent reliability and durability qualities since it directly affects the safety of a workout. The structure of the V205 overhead press exercise machine has a stable, wide steel base that provides safe and proper training for an athlete.

The model is designed to train upper pectoral muscles with the secondary load of deltoid muscles and triceps. This way, it's easy to develop the upper part of the body, performing on the comfortable and stable machines.

length: 1327 mm
Width:  1986 mm
Height: 1377 mm
Max Loading: 2x125 kg