Smith Machine

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Muscles: deltoid muscles, triceps, quadriceps, trapezoids, gluteus muscles.

The Smith machine is designed for training deltoid muscles, triceps, quadriceps, muscles of the thigh, trapezoids, gluteus muscles.

The exerciser is essential for the physical preparation of sportsmen engaged in various sports. It is very effective for training the quadriceps muscles of the thigh, the development of strong and beautiful legs. The design of the equipment makes it possible to include quadricycles in the work, in particular, their lower region just above the knees.

The mechanism of the carriage mounting of the carriage is assembled on 8 bearings eliminating any skew and providing soft sliding. The bar is equipped with hooks, which provide safety.

The Smith Machine is quite impressive with its multifunctionality. Attaching an adjustable bench to the equipment, it is comfortable to perform exercises for muscles of the chest and upper pectoral girdle.

Painting: powder enamel (electrostatic spraying).

Length: 2095 mm
Height: 2285 mm
Width: 1320 mm
Max Loading: 150 kg