Squat Frame

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Squat Rack is designed to train the quadriceps of the thigh. The structure is intended for safe squats with a bar, and also allows you to work on the trapezoidal muscles. The unique design expands the functionality of the sports equipment.

The quick-detachable traps for the rod provide optimal adjustment of the sports gear for different exercises and for any height of an athlete. Parallel horizontal crossbars do not allow the bar to fall onto the floor, provide safety during the exercises. Crossbars increase the number of possible exercises: lifting the bar to the chin, lifting the bar with trapezoids and others.

Additional holders for discs create comfort during the workout. In order to eliminate slippery the Xline R XR316 squat rack is equipped with cushioning, which does not require fixation to the floor. The filler is a two-layered polyurethane foam that is resistant to shrinkage and does not undergo deformation.

The sports gear is equipped with a reinforced stainless steel structure. The equipment has all the wear-resistant high quality parts. You can intensively operate the structure, more than 12 hours a day, due to design features and material. The sports rack is equipped with upholstery made of high-quality artificial leather. The sports equipment has a coating of powder enamel with electrostatic spraying. The filler is a two-layer polyurethane foam. It is elastic, stable and does not undergo deformation.

length: 1640 mm
Width: 1635 mm
Height: 2300 mm
Max Loading: 300  kg