Squat frame

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The squat rack is an effective exerciser from the Verti series. The series combines functionality, affordable price and attractive design. Colour solutions of the line are chosen in such a way so the equipment was standing out among the range of other brands. This way, the design of the structure is recognizable and is suitable for any interior.

During a workout on the squat rack the large gluteus muscle, quadriceps, thigh and calf muscles are targeted. Also, the muscles of the back are involved in the training. This way, the most effective exercise for the buttocks are performed. That is why it is essential for women who want to correct their body shape. Nevertheless, with heavy loads, the device brings striking results for male athletes as well. Strong legs with defined muscles will never be out of fashion.

length: 1493 mm
Width: 1590 mm
Height: 2230  mm
Max Loading:300  kg