Stationary bar, ladder for PL7, stationary handrail for PD1 Kelton Gym Equipment

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Why is it worth investing in the KELTON PD1 handrail? Have a look!
The bar is one of the basic tools for sculpting your figure and strengthening your own muscles. It is a simple instrument. However, it allows you to do a variety of exercises and train multiple muscles.

In addition to the bar, the device also includes a handrail and a ladder. This makes it a very versatile training device. With it, you can practice:

chest - push-ups on rails,

ridge - pull-ups on the stick in 4 different grips,

belly - lifting the legs in the support and hanging on the bar,

arms, triceps and biceps - push-ups on bars.

In addition, there is a ladder on the handrail, thanks to which a Roman bench can be attached to the structure. All this makes the PD1 handrail a versatile device for exercising the back, shoulder and abdominal muscles. The side elbow rests on the railing are made of thick upholstery. Therefore, lifting the legs in the support is convenient and comfortable for the back and shoulders.

If you are short on space or a universal exercise machine is what you are looking for, choose the PD1 handrail. Bet on a stable and safe structure at a competitive price!

Safety is the most important thing when exercising on a handrail. The PD1 structure is made of a 120x60x3mm profile, and its massive base contributes to the stability of the entire structure! In our railing we have additionally installed a pull-up bar with 4 different grips and a ladder on which you can hang the Roman bench. Check what other benefits our PD1 handrail will give you!