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Attach your new bar to the ceiling and start sculpting the back and belly right now!
Start carving your stomach and back with the HD9 chin-up bar. The bar is a great training device. It gives amazing results with few repetitions. It allows you to train with your own weight, so it does not require major expenses. You can train on it in 3 different ways. It has 3 types of spacing and handy handles, thanks to which you will definitely grab the bar.

The bar takes up very little space. Thanks to this, it can be installed in a room or basement. It is solid and safe. Safety when exercising is very important. After all, nothing discourages you like injuries that prevent the development of your own figure. That is why it is worth choosing our bar, which is easy to install and safe.

Strengthen and develop your muscles. Rely on the knowledge of experts from the University of Physical Education in Krakow and choose a pull-up bar attached to the ceiling!