Stick to the wall HD15 Kelton HEAVY

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A wall bar is the basis if you want to develop your muscles. The HD 15 Kelton Heavy pull up bar allows you to strengthen and expand your back muscles. Pulling up with an overgrip allows you to strengthen them. And chin-ups affect the development of arm muscles. It can also be used to train the abdominal muscles by lifting the legs while hanging on the bar.

A wall bar is a great investment. It can be mounted in a room or basement, and thanks to the HD 18 runner you will be able to build a home gym. The guide allows for the installation of 7 models of equipment and the height adjustment of the bar. Thanks to this, you will adjust its height to your height.

The pull-up bar to the wall allows for a solid and tiring training. This is a great choice for people who want to strengthen or further develop their muscles. Choose the Kelton Heavy pull up bar and put on a great figure!

70 cm distance from the wall, 8 handles, 4 spacings at a great price. You will carve every muscle of your back on it!
You will tire your back from every angle. The only bar at such a low price with 8 handles. You can mount it directly to the wall or on the HD18 guide. By mounting it on the HD18 guide, you will be able to adjust its height in 11 levels, you will ideally choose the position of this bar to your height.