Chest Press / Peck Deck - Incline

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Verti series manufactured by Inter Atletika is a line of sports exercisers with an outstanding design and excellent functionality. The look of the products deserves a special attention since every single detail was designed for the best aesthetic effect. The handles and clamps are made of aluminium which give the equipment more modern look.

The horizontal press exercise machine train lower, middle and outer muscles of the chest. Thuswise, it is a perfect tool to get prominent and defined pectoral muscles. What is more, the deltoid and triceps muscles get the secondary load, so it is an additional advantage.

The cushion pad of the exerciser was made bigger in order to make a workout even more comfortable. Moreover, even such small detail contributes to the total look.

length: 1264 mm
Width: 1828 mm
Height: 1665 mm
Max Loading: 2x125 kg