Triceps machine

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The  triceps exercise machine is a vivid example of design, functionality and comfort perfection of the Verti series. Such kind of equipment should have a brilliant reliability in order to provide stable and safe workout with free weights. That is why, our products have a durable steel structure which will serve you for years.

The Verti series was designed taking in the account every detail. Thus, the handles and studs of the exercisers are made of aluminium, making the structure more modern and aesthetically pleasant. Also, the cup shape is designed in such a way to make the look of the items even more appealing.

The triceps exercise machine will become your favourite helper in the effective development of the arm muscles (triceps, in particular). As a result, you will get beautiful and strong arms with defined muscles.

length: 1838 mm
Width: 1362 mm
Height: 1272  mm
Max Loading: 2x125 kg