Workout cage with RACK support HS12 KELTON Home

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In one Rack you can have a gym at home where you can do every exercise with the barbell.
That's how it is! We have created RACKA especially for your home gym. It will keep you safe thanks to 2 belay systems that will protect you during solitary training. Thanks to the stabilization of the barbell, you will perform each exercise correctly. We are passionate about bodybuilding and we want you to be able to equip your home gym with RACKA at a super low price. Save money and space, the construction of the Rack can withstand 400 KG and you?

One of the biggest problems for people exercising alone at home is the lack of belaying when working with a barbell. A home gym is a place where you can work on your body at any time of the day or night, but a lot of exercise is required to ensure the safety of the assistance of another person - a fall of the barbell can cause serious injury.