Freestanding Punch Bag and Gloves 3 in 1 (Bundle)

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Meet your ultimate training partner with the RDX Maya Hide heavy bag. Built with twin-layer Maya hide NTearx leather and hand-stitched for durability, this heavy bag is perfect for boxing, MMA, or Muay Thai training. Its patented Maya Hide material is known for toughness, while a safe shock-absorbent pulp and rust-proof chains make training efficient and secure. The package includes bag mitts crafted with Quadro Dome-B1 technology. Choose between 4ft and 5ft sizes, both pre-filled and capable of holding up to 40-60 KG. For a lifelong training experience, rely on the RDX Maya Hide heavy bag.

  • Patented Mayahide NTearx material for unmatched toughness and durability
  • Twin-layer fabric and precision hand-stitching for maximum longevity
  • Comes with Maya Hide bag mitts equipped with Quadro Dome-B1 technology
  • Safe shock-absorbent pulp for added protection during training
  • Rust-proof chains for quick and easy setup
  • Available in 4ft and 5ft sizes, pre-filled with weights ranging from 18-22 KG